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    PechaKucha Night Dubai Vol. XII @ Satellite

    PechaKucha Night Dubai returns for its 12th edition tomorrow night at Satellite, the artist space run by Traffic. More info on tomorrow’s lineup after the jump.

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    Mmmm… Jaeger bombs…

    The Listening Party 01 : Essarai

    Our final presenter at The Listening Party this evening is Dubai-based DJ, producer and promoterEssarai. Find out what this self-confessed ‘internet geek and panda enthusiast' will be sharing tonight. 

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    The Listening Party 01 : James Clar

    The next presenter is not just one of my favourite people (in the world!), but also one of my favourite media artists. Brooklyn-based James Clar used to be Dubai-based James Clar up until just a few months ago. In the five years he called Dubai home, James used his highly conceptual work to shift local perceptions of media art and media in general. Keep reading to find out what kind of twisted sounds James will be bringing to the party…

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    The Listening Party 01 : Johnny Ganta

    You know what we need now? We need a guy with a moustache to saunter in and tell us about his presentation at The Listening Party.

    Oh look, here’s Johnny Ganta

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    The Listening Party 01 : Wriggly Scott

    Fans of obscure funk and indigenous sounds will enjoy Wriggly Scott’s presentation at the Listening Party. Read on for details of what the Dubai-based record collector will be sharing. 

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    The Listening Party 01 : Hind Mezaina

    The second presenter at the Listening Party is a blogger and cultural personality known to many in Dubai. So what will Hind Mezaina share next week?

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    The Listening Party 01 : Justin Kramer

    Justin Kramer - Listening Party

    So who is presenting at the Listening Party event next week? Over the coming days I will be sharing info on each of the presenters, in no particular order. First up is Doha-based filmmaker Justin Kramer who will be joining us via pre-recorded video. 

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    The Listening Party @ The Market of Everything

    Next week I will be hosting the first Listening Party event at Traffic’s Market of Everything. And what exactly is a ‘Listening Party’?

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    Despite busted knees and draconian venue restrictions, the Black Lips killed it last night. Big thanks to the band, the cab driver who let five of us into a cab, and Joe Bradley for the late night heart-to-heart at the after party. Interview and pictures coming soon. 

    Interviewed The Black Lips earlier this evening in a ridiculously over the top wood-panelled bar. Asked the guys if there was anything we could expect from the gig tonight and they responded : “Bring your daughters… but keep an eye on them.” #supertour2012

    The Black Lips in Dubai

    Tonight! Lock up your daughters and your valuables because The Black Lips will be taking the stage at The Music Room.

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    We enjoyed an old school evening of beers and bowling last night at the Al Nasr Leisureland Bowling Centre. I wore roses in my hair, and the dudes in the group got mad competitive. I was beaten by a four year old.  

    More pictures on the facebook page

    Hassan Hajjaj ‘My Rock Stars: Volume 1’

    After a month long hiatus for Ramadan, Dubai’s art season is back in full swing next week with a head spinning number of openings. The highlight for me is undoubtedly the return of Moroccan superstar Hassan Hajjaj to The Third Line. His show ‘My Rock Stars: Volume 1’ will showcase new portraits taken at hastily put together pop-up studios on the streets of Morocco, London, Paris and Kuwait. 

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    DUBAI // Spotted in Al Barsha (image courtesy of Ziad Haddad)

    For more on Dubai’s anonymous  graffiti artist, check out my posts on Satellite Voices, here and here.

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